Inductive components

Italian company FEEM manufactures inductive components since 1996 for  welding, automotive, UPS, rail traction, gilt suppliers, electric vehicles, photovoltaic and military use. Besides the wide range of low and medium frequency transformers, reactors, thoroidal inductors etc FEEM is offering high frequency transformers and chokes. Most of products are designed according to customer's requirements and parameters.

High frequency transformers

Ideal for welders, chargers, power supplies, other purpose inverter.

Single and three-phase insulated transformers  are available.

Fully customized design and parameters.

Up to 200 kHz

Power up to 100 kW


High frequency chokes

Ideal for inverter for renewable energy, auxiliary inverters, special applications

DC Inductors with ripple superimposed on High Frequency

Frequency up to 200 kHz

High Energy 1000 W*S

Power up to 100 kW


Copper / Aluminum Plates 

Ideal for inverter in electric traction

- round, square or rectangular rollers, copper or aluminium conductors

- sections up to 100 mm2 per strip with sides ratio up to 10:1 ratio