IGBT drivers

IGBT gate driver technology SCALE™-2 from Power Integrations (PI) uses the ASIC chipset simplifying the driver design, reducing component count and increasing the reliability and functionality. This helps designers to optimise the switching performance and accuracy and develop the driver function in less time, more flexible and predictable. Solutions based on SCALE™-2 technology allow to control IGBT modules with current range from 150A to 3600A, from 600V to 6500V. The recent technology enhancement SCALE™-2+ enables Soft Shut Down function at short circuit event to be implemented without additional circuitry, especially relevant for low-inductance design where Advance Active Clamping (AAC) function is not required.


IGBT driver core implements the most important driver functions including protection, DC-DC power supply, galvanic isolation, etc leaving designer a freedom to complete the driver circuitry and mechanical layout to fit the particular inverter design.  IGBT driver cores cover the range bolcking voltages from 600V to 6500V and output power from 1W to 20W per channel. They are also capable to drive high-speed wide bandgap devices based on SiC and GaN technologies at frequency up to 500 kHz.



Plug-and-play IGBT drivers are complete ready to use IGBT drivers perfectly matching a specific IGBT module mechanically and electrically. P&P drivers cover the whole range of power and voltages from 600V to 6500V and are equipped with on-board or external DC-DC converters, short-circuit protection, active clamping, soft start, supply monitoring and so on. Drivers are available with electrical or optical signal interface to a control system.