Special Fuses for Semiconductor protection are used against overcurrent conditions in power electronic equipment  to protect IGBTs, thyristors, diodes, both single components and assemblies/subsystems and provide a wide range of voltage requirements, mounting configurations and special protection characteristics. 






Protistor® PSC Square Body

Square Body fast acting fuses provide maximum flexibility in equipment design and ultimate protection for power conversion equipment. Available in four different body sizes, each size having seven worldwide acceptable mounting styles. PSC fuses have been engineered to provide state-of-the-art protection. They have pure silver or bimetal die-cut elements embedded in solidified sand, which helps control arcing characteristics for lowest I2t and high interrupting rating. All contact surfaces are silver-plated and all hardware is non-magnetic. Applications cover protection of rectifiers, inverters, AC drives, UPS Systems, reduced voltage motor starters, etc.




The North American Round Body Semiconductor Protection fuses, known as Amp-Trap, were designed for the protection of semiconductor devices.This product line encompasses a wide variety of voltage ratings and performance, making it ideal for protecting a wide variety of power electronic applications.




Protistor® NH German and British Standard Square Body (DIN and BS88) fuses offer an extremely high interrupting rating, affording power semiconductor applications the ultimate in electrical protection. Widely used in protection of rectifiers, inverters, AC drives, UPS Systems,  soft starters and other applications.

  • Voltage:               690V AC / 500V DC
  • Size:                   000, 00, 1, 2, 3
  • Current rating:      16A ... 1000A
  • Class:                 uR, gR, gS



Protistor® C6 High Performance Square Body

State-of-the-art protection for large high-power applications of power generation, transmission, and conversion of electrical energy. These fuses are fully customizable to fit customers' specific requirements. Mersen's expertise in fast acting technology has led to the development of an optimized protection solution with the lowest I2t and the highest breaking current capacity while keeping the best cycling capability. All fuses are equipped with a low voltage blown fuse indicator (can operate a microswitch easily mounted directly onto the fuse in service).

  • Voltage:             <750V AC ... <3600V AC
  • Size:                  44 ... 2x174
  • Current rating:     400A ... 8400A
  • Class:                 aR



Protistor® CV4: IGBT Disconnection Square Body fuses

Mersen is a unique player in protection against capacitor discharge and high di/dt faults. This series designed in partnership with key customers allows your system to restart in case one IGBT module breaks down. This experience has given us the ability to create a dynamic product that has the capability to disconnect within tens of microseconds to prevent collateral damage from a fault condition.

  • Voltage: up to 12500V AC / 10000V DC
  • Current: up to 1660A
  • Size:    2х15х27 single or multiple bodies
  • Class:   aR