Film capacitors

Film capacitors for power electronics are used for a variety of applications, even in the presence of extremely non-sinusoidal voltages and pulsed currents. Both AC and DC capacitors are available. AC capacitors are periodi- cally recharged during operation, DC capacitors are periodically charged and discharged without recharge.



PK16™ Industry standard E50

They power the DC links of the world‘s leading converter makers: our low-loss DC capacitors with high energy-density and low inductance.

Capacitance: up to 7400 µF
Voltage: 600V ... 5kVDC
Current: up to 120A
Fit Rate: 50 FIT


Based on our know-how gained with PK16™, these surface-mounted capacitors do the same job on your PCB: providing for amazing currents – given their size

Capacitance: 30…260 µF
Voltage: 500V…1,3kVDC
Size: Ø 50 x 57…120mm
Fit Rate: 50 FIT


Hermetical case, low inductance and minimum series resistance. Optimized for extreme ambient conditions.

Capacitance: up to 1mF
Voltage: 450V .. 3,4kVAC
Relative humidity: up to 100%
Climatic class: C 

High Voltage DC/AC capacitors (E51)

We have created a simple but efficient and very reliable solution for high voltage applications: no expensive ceramic bushings needed even for capacitors in the 50kV range.

Capacitance: from 0,2 µF
Voltage: up to 50kVDC and 20kVAC
Fit Rate: 50 FIT for DC-Types

E62- and E64-series

Oil-filled AC capacitors for universal use: metal can, cylindrical shape, internal safety mechanism. Optimized for high rms currents.

Capacitance: up to 2000µF
AC voltage: 450V...5kVAC
Current: up to 1400A


For AC applications with high frequencies and powerful surge currents which require short current paths and strong terminals.

Capacitance: up to 400µF
Voltage: up to 7,2kVDC / 2,45 kVAC
Inductance: app. 15nH. 

E59-series (AC/DC)

Box-type capacitors with large capacitance and heavy current ratings, in robust and vibration-proof housings, custom-tailored to match your individual requirements.

Capacitance: up to 200mF
Voltage: 500V…25kVdc, 200V..17kVAC
Current: up to 1400A
                                           * Other values on request


In AC filter applications, capacitors can be exposed to immense current and voltage stress. Clever design features reduce the power losses and resulting thermal stress.

Capacitance: 3x 5…150µF
Voltage: 640V…1,7kVAC
Lifetime: >200 000 h 

Power Electronics Capacitors  Application notes:  a must read for inverter designer. Various aspects of Power Electronics capacitors are covered: from details of construction and internal operation to the tips how to select the right capacitor for the application and calculate the key parameters including  reliability  / lifetime.  Please contact us to receive your free copy of this edition as well as a catalog for any capacitor series !

The graph on the right shows the influence of ambient temperature and voltage on FIT rate.

FIT = Failures In Time = number of failed capacitors out of 10,000 pcs in 100,000 hours of operation. 
Green lines showing the standard conditions: 70°C, V=1.0xUn cross at 50FIT level. 



Filters Parameters

Partnumber Manufacturer C, uF ΔС, ± % Vdc (Un), V Imax rms(A) Rs (mOhm) L es (nH) tgδ Lifetime, hours @70C, Un T op,ºС min T op,ºС max Case style Diameter, mm Height, mm
E64.K24-606025 Electronicon 60 10 640 16 6.9 100 0.0002 -40 100 D1 60 124
E64.K48-606525 Electronicon 65 10 640 16 8.5 100 0.0002 -40 100 D1 60 148
E64.L48-608025 Electronicon 80 10 640 16 7.6 100 0.0002 -40 100 D2 65 148
E64.L48-510025 Electronicon 100 10 640 16 7.2 100 0.0002 -40 100 D2 65 148