Emcopower provide the range of high performance cooling solutions from technology leaders in the industry. We offer the wide selection of air and liquid cooling products to manage the dissipated heat in different power electronics systems in traction, motor control, energy, power supplies and other industries.


Air cooling

Fabfin fabricated air cooled heatsink provides much higher fin (height/spacing) ratio than one of an extruded heatsink. Fabfin fins of varied heights and thickness are attached by a swaging process to  the base plate of virtually any thickness, length and width, on four standard fin spacings. Finishes are numerous. No glue is used in the process.Available material combinations: Al/Al Cu/Al Cu/Cu       >>>>>>

Hollowfin® heatsink has special shape of tall fins significantly increasing the radiating surface. A height to space ratio can reach to 46:1 at fin height of 118 mm. The Hollowfin® provides maximum performance when attached to a copper baseplate. No glue is used in the process thus minimizing the thermal resistance.    >>>>>>


Liquid cooling

Aquamax cooling plates provide maximum thermal performance due to proprietary channelling with optimal coolant velocity and uniform temperature map on the surface. Precise vacuum brazing ensures zero leakage or corrosion during years of operation. 
Also available in copper for the top thermal performance.       >>>>>>


Aquasink is made straight copper tubes ebmedded into aluminium baseplate body using a pressure expansion process for minimum losses and rugged and reliable construction. Special grease used to prevent corrosion. Heat transfer is equal from both sides.       >>>>>>
Aquasurf uses bended copper tubes embedded into aluminium baseplate body with the lowest thermal resistance possible with epoxy interface. Bending is done the way to ensure the copper is directly under the heat source. Aquasurf is also the lowest cost technology.       >>>>>>
Cooling plates for press-pack devices (disc diodes and thyristors) are available in aluminium and copper, provide maximum thermal performance through proprietary coolant flow channeling with no leakage under high pressure through >20 years of operational lifetime. Surface coating and fittings per customer requirements are available as option.       >>>>>>


Heat Pipes

When the heat dissipated by power semiconductors has to be transferred from a dense space to a bigger area for air cooling, heat pipe is the solution. Typical heatpipe cooler consists of the "Evaporator"section with heat source mounted on a coldplate and "Condenser" section, connected by sealed copper tubes with working fluid in it. Electrical isolation  between sections is possible.       >>>>>>


Thermal Simulation (R-Tools)

R-Tools is a free online service to help create and analyze the complete thermal design of the cooling system thus minimizing the risks both at prototyping and operation stage. Based on the Heatsink selection and simulation we can calculate the price of the cooler for you.  Link to R-Tool on Mersen web site