Mersen announces the release of R-Tools GEN III, the next generation of its completely re-designed interactive 3D Thermal Heatsink Modeling simulation software for power electronics applications. R-Tools GEN III is a no-charge, on-line simulation software that allows users to model the optimum air cooled heatsink solution tailored to their project requirements. The simulation results aid in reducing design time and increasing the reliability of the finished heatsink product, all before the first prototype is even built. 

The program is designed to generate a simulation of the most efficient heatsink model by asking the user to input parameters of their application such as the temperature boundaries, size of the heat source (IGBT, SCR etc.), layout of the power electronics, and several other design criteria. The program’s simulation engine will then output an air cooled heatsink design along with 3D visualization tools to provide users an overview of the heatsink thermal behavior and heat spread over the surface of the heatsink. This results in a more accurate technical solution compared to traditional data sheets and graphs.The final heatsink simulation results can then be saved online or shared via email. Users can also generate a full project report that can be saved as a PDF file and formatted for printing. 

Running on internet browser, R-Tools GEN III is available to users around the clock, 24/7. The program automatically adapts to a PC, tablet, or smart phone screen format. The program is free to register and to use with unlimited projects and no expiry date. 


You can find additional information about R-Tools GEN III by visiting the R-Tools page on the Mersen website. For more information about the company’s full range of electrical power solutions visit