E51 / E53 / E55:  The case length of the E53 series (designs T1 and T2) has been adjusted to be more compatible with common (shorter) dimensions of other manufacturers. The electrical ratings of several capacitors in the E51 range have been modified.


PK16 (E50) / E61: The PK16 range has been expanded and now includes numerous models in extra-flat size.


E62-3ph:   transition from the S3 to the new S4 terminal is complete. The E62-3HF range is now completely equipped with Z3 and S4 terminals. The new catalogue edition does also list order codes for proper Z3 and S4 terminal covers.

E57 / E59 / SR17:  All new box capacitors in metal housing will furthermore be numbered E59; our E56 range shall not be expanded anymore. This is also reflected by our new catalogue which - instead of the old E56 selection matrix - contains universal curves for the preselection and evaluation of available capacitor ratings in AC and DC applications. We have added detailed information on our pressure switch, and extended the SR17 and E57 ranges as well. 


E62 and E64: In our E62-HC chapter, the S1 terminals have been replaced by the new S2 version.

Please note that Electronicon keeps actual catalogues as online catalogues under www.powercapacitors.info; you will always find the freshest version there.